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Kings Dominion continues to build on the success of an expanded Planet Snoopy for the 2017 season. The park announced previously that there would be a new mobile application experience coming to the park. The new experience “The Battle for Kings Dominion” will challenge visiting guests to enter a gaming world where they can battle each other for control of the park.

Courtesy: Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion continues to improve the overall experience for guests visiting the park. This new gaming experience will bring excitement and fun for all those experiencing the park for the day. The experience begins with selecting an alliance to participate with. The choices are: Flight of Fear, Intimidator 305, Dominator, Volcano, and Avalanche. Each alliance will compete playing against each other throughout the day in an attempt to defeat other alliances for dominance of the park. Players can earn points by taking part in mini games while waiting in ride queues, taking over territory from competing teams, answering trivia questions and riding roller coasters. “We are excited to introduce our guests to an entirely new digital layer of the park experience,”said Gary Chadwick, Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager. “Being able to gamify the park through the Battle for Kings Dominion, from interactive queue lines and midways to the personification of rides, will make for an even more engaging day.” The company behind helping Kings Dominion bring this gaming experience to life is Holovis, a well known gaming experience company that has partnered in many projects such as “Battle for Cedar Point”, and “Mystic Timbers Pre-Show”.“Extended Experiences are the future of entertainment,”explains Amy Steele, VP of Development at Holovis.“This is where every element is connected together allowing guests to discover hidden narratives and gamify what are traditionally passive moments. They can even continue to customize their Coaster Alliance avatar from home as people prepare for their next visit.”

The Battle for Kings Dominion is available for download on App Store and Google Play. For download links, click on the designated link below. The park has also released a new mobile application that is available for download. Kings Dominion will be open daily beginning May 26.

The Battle for Kings Dominion

App Store: Click Here

Google Play: Click Here

For more information about Kings Dominion, visit: www.kingsdominion.com

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