Location: Williamsburg, VA (USA)

The vikings have invaded at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The park officially opened Invadr today to enthusiasts and media organizations. The conditions were a bit windy as fans lined up to get a first ride on the new attraction. Invadr is the first crowd sourced ride where fans decided the name and logo as part of the marketing campaign. The ride is manufactured by Great Coasters International of Sunbury, PA, and is one of the smoothest roller coaster experiences you’ll ever experience.

Courtesy: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator

Invadr begins in the station boarding 1 of 2 trains. One train is themed to vikings while the other is themed to villagers. The battle begins as the train leaves the station and enters a dip before the lift hill. Riders will climb up the lift hill and drop 74 feet into a tunnel before entering numerous twists and turns. Invadr has a total of 9 airtime hills before hitting the station brakes. The ride reaches speeds of 50 mph and uses a hybrid type structure. The supports are steel and track is wood which provides a smooth experience for all riders and helps with overall maintenance.

Courtesy: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator

Invadr debuts as Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s first wooden coaster. The ride has two tunnels, lots of airtime, and an overall great themed plaza. As riders enter, they will pass under a large viking structure knowing that they are preparing for an invasion. The ride is also intertwined very well with other existing attractions. The ride will pass over the park’s train ride and Le Scoot Log Flume numerous times as it hugs the terrain. The trains are refurbished from Busch Gardens sister park in Tampa, FL when it closed Gwazi in 2013.

Here is video of our ride:

Courtesy: Devin Olsen Media and Busch Gardens Williamsburg

If you are looking for a way to ride Invadr, the park has many ticket options available at low prices online. A Season Pass is the best option if you would like unlimited rides for an entire season on Invadr.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is open daily for spring break until April 21.

For more information about Busch Gardens Williamsburg, visit https://www.buschgardens.com.

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Logo courtesy of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Feature image courtesy of Brian Mitchell – Site Operator

Article prepared by: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator

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