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Carowinds is continuing to expand on a great 2017 season with the upcoming Winterfest this year. The new County Fair was very successful as four new rides debuted. The 2018 season will bring a change to the current selection of kid friendly attractions. New in 2018 at Carowinds is the debut of Camp Snoopy which will include new rides, amenities, and upgrades. The current Planet Snoopy will transform into the all new Camp Snoopy.

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Camp Bus: will buckle you up on the wacky camp bus that will lift you high into the air and back down at smooth extensions. Peanuts Trailblazer will get you behind the wheel of a jeep themed vehicle and burn rubber on a small round speedway. Kite Eating Tree will take riders along in a kite vehicle that travels up and down a tree. Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies will take you on a trip in a “mud buggy”
where you will rotate around the popular Pig Pen character while bouncing on a bumpy ride. Woodstock Whirlybirds will spin you around in an oversized birds nest on this classic ride.

Courtesy: Carowinds

Also for 2018, Carowinds will introduce the Pre-K Pass which will allow children ages three to five years of age a free season pass through the 2018 season as well as the remainder of the 2017 season. Online pre registration is required. You can register here: Pre-K-Pass registration“The expansion of our kids’ area along with the introduction of the Pre-K Pass puts Carowinds as a top destination for families,” said Pat Jones, Carowinds vice president and general manager. “The new Camp Snoopy area joins our world-class attractions such as the record-breaking Fury 325 giga coaster and the massive Carolina Harbor water park in offering features that meet the needs of guests ranging from three to 23 to 93, providing unique opportunities for creating family memories.”

Guests may purchase a 2018 Gold Season Pass at the lowest price of the year. 2018 Gold Season passholders receive unlimited access to Carowinds as well as its Carolina Harbor water park in 2018, along with free admission to SCarowinds and WinterFest, access to special passholder-only events, plus one free visit during the remaining 2017 season. The special pricing ends October 29, 2017.

For more information about Carowinds, visit: https://www.carowinds.com

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