Announcements continue to come in as parks begin to prepare for the 2017 season. In our previous article we shared information on what some of the Cedar Fair brand parks would be announcing. Our coverage continues in this article as we share the remaining announced new attractions that will be added to the parks for the upcoming 2017 season. The 2016 season continues with the announcement of haunt attractions to keep guests entertained until the season comes to a close.

Courtesy: Dorney Park

Dorney Park will be bringing back some favorites in 2017. Dodgem bumper cars will return next to the Talon roller coaster. Kaleidoscope will spin riders on a counter-clockwise trip of weightlessness and acceleration. The ride will feature side-to-side movement for all guests. The park will also debut Cirque Imagine a new show, open up new cabanas, a new parkside pavilion, and a new bar called Sunset Beach Bar. For more information on attractions being added at Dorney Park, visit:

Courtesy: Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland will debut two new attractions in 2017. Muskoka Plunge is a tall waterslide complex featuring four tube slides where riders will enter tube style chambers and the floor will drop beneath. Riders will plummet at approximately 40 km/h through 360 degree loops and s-curves. Soaring Timbers will debut as a first of its kind ride in North America. Guests will soar through the air on spinning gondolas while flipping 360 degrees in the air. For more information on attractions being added at Canada’s Wonderland, visit:

Courtesy: Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion has announced that the world’s largest Peanuts themed kids area will be expanding. Kite Eating Tree is a family style ride in which guests will be propelled to the top of the tower and bounce down to the platform. Sally’s Sea Plane Kids and their parents will be in for an adventure on Sally’s airplane. Take a round and round trip rotating in the air on this giant plane. Peanuts 500 Guests will whip around the corner on a closed track in miniature race cars on this fun ride for both kids and parents. Kings Dominion has also announced the Pre-K Pass which grants complimentary to children ages three to five years for the entire season. For more information on the Pre-K-Pass, click here. Kings Dominion will also be introducing Fun Pix and a new mobile app. For more information on attractions being added in 2017 at Kings Dominion, visit:

Michigan’s Adventure has announced that the waterpark will be expanded in 2017. Half Pint Paradise will be revamped with all new equipment including seven new children’s slides. A new splash pad will be added in addition to added seating and private cabanas. For more information on attractions being added in 2017 at Michigan’s Adventure, visit:

For more information about Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, visit:

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Article prepared by: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator / The Amusement Wire

Disclaimer: The Amusement Wire is not affiliated with the park or attraction mentioned in this article. All photos and video are courtesy of the individual parks or outlets and used for publicity reasons. The Amusement Wire does not own the rights to photos or video used unless otherwise noted.

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