Kings Dominion announced Delirium on August 20, 2015. The ride replaces the former Shockwave roller coaster, which retired after 29 years of service on August 9, 2015. The ride is a spinning pendulum style experience and is manufactured by Mondial of the Netherlands. The ride will be able to accommodate 40 guests per cycle and will offer new thrills in the Candy Apple Grove section of the park.

Courtesy: Kings Dominion

Katelyn Sherwood, Communications Manager, has posted a new blog entry about the most recent updates for the ride. “When I heard steel and ride parts for Delirium were on site at the park, I had to share” she says in the beginning of her latest blog entry. A large majority of the parts for the new attraction have arrived at the park and preparation is currently underway to begin steel erection very soon. Constructing a ride of this size does not require a lot of work unlike a roller coaster would. The ride pieces will be erected into position once the foundation cures and the footers are ready to begin allowing steel to attach to them.

Courtesy: Kings Dominion

The parts for the ride will be moved from the staging area by Dominator over to Candy Apple Grove for erection later in the week. The seats for the ride look amazing and will have lights on the back of them from one of the photos posted on the blog entry. Once the ride parts are on the main construction site, steel erection will move quickly to ensure that the ride is ready for opening day which is March 25. “Things will start moving very quickly from that point on” says Katelyn.

Courtesy: Kings Dominion

In addition to Delirium opening up for the 2016 season, the park is making some changes to the I-95 sign that hovers of northbound traffic. The park is adding an updated logo, LED lighting, and a full color screen. This will help with traffic passing on the busy interstate to better understand the park and will help with advertising better. As the 2016 begins, there are many options available for season passes, single day tickets, and so much more. If you purchase a season pass, you are allowed entry to a special preview day on March 20.

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