Location: Doswell, VA (USA)

Kings Dominion’s new Twisted Timbers roller coaster track is almost set for completion. The new coaster will debut when the park on March 24, 2018. Construction crews have completed a total of 3,361 feet of track which includes three inversions. Riders will barrel roll down a 109 foot first drop before experiencing 20 airtime hills.

Courtesy: Scott Clemons / Kings Dominion

Crews of the construction process and staff members of the park signed the last piece of track this week. Scott Clemons, Kings Dominion’s Director of Sales and Marketing, posted a photo to Twitter sharing the news. The ride is almost complete but there is still a lot of work to be completed before the ride can open up to park guests. The crews will continue to work on installing all the electrical components for the ride and testing of trains to ensure the calculations match up properly. Once those phases are complete the ride station and queue lines will receive some freshening up before opening day to riders. Twisted Timbers will deliver on everything that Kings Dominion is known for. The park is also excited to debut Winterfest in 2018 in addition to Twisted Timbers. Other sister parks have debuted Winterfest this year such as Kings Island, Worlds of Fun, and Carowinds. The event is receiving positive reviews and looks to deliver on making memories.

Twisted Timbers will debut on March 24,2018. You can purchase a season pass for the best value to the park. There are many daily ticket options available at the park or online at the best available prices.

For more information about Kings Dominion, visit: https://www.kingsdominion.com

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