“What’s lurking in the woods?” Kings Island has been hinting many clues for months about what is coming to the park for the 2017 season. Many speculated that a possible water ride would be built or a new roller coaster. On the evening of July 28, Kings Island officially announced a major capital investment to the park. Since the debut of Diamondback in 2009, Banshee in 2014, Kings Island has definitely delivered on signature thrills each season and is proud to officially announce “Mystic Timbers” a new wooden coaster designed and manufactured by Great Coasters International.

Courtesy: Kings Island

The story behind the ride begins with the Miami River Lumber Company buying large sections of wooded land with the goal of using the KI & Miami Valley Railroad to ship the timber out. As time moved on, a mysterious medusa-like growth of vines began to take over the area and reclaim the land. “Mystic Timbers is naturally exciting because of its setting in a densely wooded area,” says Greg Scheid, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Island.

Courtesy: Kings Island

Quick stats about Mystic Timbers:

  • Length: 3,265 feet
  • Max Height: 109 feet
  • Top Speed: 53 mph
  • Airtime Hills: 16
  • Manufacturer: Great Coasters International

Kings Island plans to debut Mystic Timbers in April 2017. The ride teases at the end of each video #whatsintheshed. There is a big surprise coming for park guests and members of the media when the ride debuts as we all want to know what’s inside the shed. Stay tuned throughout the construction process as there will be regular updates from Kings Island as to what’s lurking in the woods: Mystic Timbers.

Reverse POV video:

Courtesy: Kings Island

Off ride video:

Courtesy: Kings Island

For more information about Mystic Timbers, visit: http://mystictimbers.visitkingsisland.com/

For more information about Kings Island, visit: https://www.visitkingsisland.com

Logo and image credits:

Logo courtesy of Kings Island

Feature image courtesy of Kings Island

Article prepared by: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator / The Amusement Wire

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