Six Flags officially announces 2017 attractions each year around the first week of September. The company announces by video on their YouTube channel what each park will be debuting each year. The previous years have debuted attractions such as Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, many 360 degree looping coasters, and conversions of current wooden coasters into a new hybrid coaster. The 2017 season looks to be another record breaking season for Six Flags.

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Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Six Flags Great Adventure will debut Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D . The amazing thrill ride was recently named by USA Today readers as one of the Top Ten New Best Amusement Park Attractions of the year and most recently the “Brass Ring” award by IAAPA. The ride will feature 6 passenger vehicles traveling through a 22,000 square foot building. The ride will feature a first ever vertical loop giving riders the feeling of going head over heals. Justice League riders will challenge each other through 10 intensity scenes throughout using laser zappers.

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Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Great America, and Six Flags New England will debut The Joker: 4-D Free Fly Coaster. Guests will ascend up a 90 degree elevator lift then flip head over heals throughout six different flips and beyond 90 degree raven drops. The Joker will thrill guests as one of the most anticipated coasters on the planet. I have personally experienced The Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure this past summer and it is one of the craziest experiences ever. Six Flags America, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom have announced Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth. This new attraction will debut at Six Flags America taking riders 24 stories high into the air and spinning them high above.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s version of Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth will spin riders at 70 mph in a frisbee style pendulum. Six Flags Fiesta Texas will open Thunder Rapids A one-of-a-kind water coaster that will blast riders up and down many chutes. Six Flags St. Louis will open Spinsanity a disco style ride that will send riders spinning around up and down a half pipe style track. Meanwhile outside of the U.S. parks Six Flags Mexico will gear up to debut three new attractions in 2017. The New Revolution: Virtual Reality will take place on the park’s Medusa Steel Coaster. In addition, the pari will receive a mardi gras themed festival, and a Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec waterpark.

The Great Escape will debut Bonzai Pipelines a multi-feature slide complex where riders will either shoot down a slide out of a capsule where the floor drops or down other slide complexes. La Ronde will debut Titan a spinning pendulum frisbee style ride similar to Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Six Flags is gearing up for another amazing season in 2017. This announcement is perfect for all parks as they continue to bring in guests from all regions of the country.

You can view the full announcement video from Jim Duffy, Six Flags President & CEO below:

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