Six Flags Discovery Kingdom continues construction on their new for 2016 attraction “The Joker“. The new attraction takes over a current structure that was vacated by the former Roar roller coaster this past summer. Rocky Mountain Construction, a well known manufacturer for their hybrid style track, is currently adding track to the structure to create this one of a kind experience for all guests.

Crews recently reached a huge milestone in the construction of the ride. The top section of “The Joker” was put into place, and will change the skyline of the park for many years to come.

Construction photos:

Courtesy: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Crews completed the top section of track going down the first drop recently

Construction progress:

Crews are continuing to construct the remainder of the first section of the ride. There will be updates available in our next article installment.

Planning a visit?

The park is open daily through January 3, 2016. Season passes are on sale at the lowest prices of the season. There are also daily ticket options available. Visit the park’s official website for more details.

About Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is located in Vallejo, CA. The park boasts many rides from their newest attraction Superman: Ultimate Flight to Medusa “one of the longest floorless coasters in the west”.

Official website:

About Rocky Mountain Construction:

Rocky Mountain Construction is well known since being founded in 2001. The company specializes in the I-Box track design featured on many rides from The Texas Giant, to newly constructed rides from Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City to Goliath at Six Flags Great America. The company is currently working on other North America projects in 2015 including The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Lightning Rod at Dollywood, and the current Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom. Fred Grubb is the founder of Rocky Mountain Construction with the help of Alan Schilke created the I-Box system to perform inversions on many wooden coasters.

Official website:

Logo and image credits:

Logo courtesy of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Feature image courtesy of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Article prepared by: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator / The Amusement Wire

Disclaimer: The Amusement Wire is not affiliated with the park or attraction mentioned in this article. All photos and video are courtesy of the individual parks or outlets and used for publicity reasons. The Amusement Wire does not own the rights to photos or video used unless otherwise noted.

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