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Six Flags New England is looking forward to the upcoming 2017 season and the debut of The Joker, the park’s new 4-D free fly roller coaster. The park has recently announced that their Mind Eraser roller coaster will receive a new virtual reality experience in 2017. Galactic Attack will debut along with The Joker in 2017 and will challenge riders to save the planet from an alien invasion. Galactic Attack will also debut with new soft vest restraints to deliver a smooth ride experience. This will be offered for a limited time at the park.

Courtesy: Jason Vuelta – Contributor

The Joker will forever change the views of the midways at Six Flags New England. Crews are finishing up erecting the last sections of track. The ride will undergo electrical work, testing and certifications before opening for riders. The Joker will ascend riders to a height of 120 feet at a 90 degree angle. The trains will flip through a series of six total flips before returning to the station. There will be five trains on The Joker which will seat eight riders each. The Joker is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend. For more photos of The Joker construction tour, click here.

Courtesy: Samantha Dick – Contributor

Galactic Attack virtual reality coaster will take riders to a height of 109 feet. Riders will enter a virtual reality world of mixed gaming experiences with multiple endings. It will be up to riders to save the planet from an alien invasion. The ride will feature 2 trains that will seat 20 riders per train. Our contributors had an opportunity to check out the equipment and get a preview of the ride VR. The reviews from the VR preview are receiving positive reviews. For more photos of Galactic Attack, click here.

Here is some video from the construction tour:

Courtesy: Jason Vuelta – Contributor

There are many other things going on around the park in 2017. New food options are being added and there is a special announcement scheduled for March 29.

Six Flags New England opens for the 2017 season on April 8. Season Passes are available at the lowest prices and are the best value for the season. Daily tickets are available online at the lowest prices.

For more information about Six Flags New England, visit: https://www.sixflags.com/newengland

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