Six Flags New England has officially debuted Superman: The Ride with virtual reality. The park is located in Agawam, MA, about a few hours west of Boston and north of New York City. Superman: The Ride was announced in 2015 replacing the former Bizarro coaster with enhanced theming, new paint, and an enhancement of the overall ride experience. The VR version of the ride is simply amazing. Our crew was invited out to the park to preview the new Superman: The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster, and I will report that there is nothing more better to life than to experience a virtual world where you have no idea what is going to happen next.

Courtesy: Six Flags New England

The experience begins with you receiving your special VR Samsung headset googles. Once riders are seated, you must look forward and calibrate your headset until you see a virtual Metropolis. You can select between having a Batman shirt or Wonder Woman shirt. Once all riders are clear, you ascend the lift hill watching Lex Luthor attempt chaos around you in Metropolis. Once the train descends down 221 feet you are in a battle with Superman to save Metropolis.

Courtesy: Six Flags New England

Highlights of the opening ceremony of Superman: The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster included remarks from Jenn McGrath – Communications Manager, John Winkler – Park President, and Nick DiCarlo – Samsung Vice President of immersive products and virtual reality. Firefighters from all over the New England area were the first to experience Superman: The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster. These are the true heroes that take on everyday situations to keep us all safe.

Here is video of the press conference:

Courtesy: Brian Mitchell / The Amusement Wire

Here is video of our on ride:

Courtesy: Six Flags New England

Superman: The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster may experience high capacity wait times due to demand. Please plan accordingly before riding. Tickets are available at the front gate or online at the best prices. Season passes are available as well and includes unlimited admission for the season and free parking.

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Logo courtesy of Six Flags New England

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Article prepared by: Brian Mitchell – Site Operator / The Amusement Wire

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