Six Flags Over Georgia has officially opened Blue Hawk, a steel roller coaster that towers 122 feet into the air. The roller coaster has been featured in movies such as National Lampoon’s Vacation showcasing the many loops. The new Blue Hawk will feature a new blue paint job, new vest restraints, and an overall new ride experience for all park guests. The park debuted the new Blue Hawk on June 9th and invited service members from the Atlanta region to help cut the ribbon.

Courtesy: Six Flags Over Georgia

Some quick stats about Blue Hawk:

  • – Two new coaster trains with new soft-vest restraints for a more comfortable experience
  • – Enhancements to the 2,800 feet of track for a much smoother ride
  • – A fresh, new coat of shiny blue paint along the track and silver paint on the support poles
Courtesy: Six Flags Over Georgia

As the park gets ready for the 2017 season, Dodge City Bumper Cars gave its last rides on this past Thursday. The park celebrated it’s 49th birthday and announced the closing of the ride. The ride closing is due to the park preparing for the 2017 attraction to debut in place of the ride. As the speculation will continue to what the park will add in 2017, the official announcement will take place on September 1. The speculation will continue in the coming months from rumors to information that has not been made official.

Six Flags Over Georgia is currently open for daily operation. The park has a large water park, Hurricane Harbor, and is also coming off a successful debut of DC Super Friends, the world’s largest DC Comics themed kids area. Tickets are available online at the best available prices, or you can upgrade to a season pass which includes parking.

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