An experience and opportunity like no other in the world has been taken into the hands of my cousin Erin Ormsby. She is currently living a dream and giving others the opportunity to speak English in Thailand. Her adventures began in 2015, and I have done a few news articles about her experiences. In this current article we catch up with Erin to see what is new in Thailand and the experiences and opportunities she has taken on.

Courtesy: Erin Ormsby

In a previous blog entry, Erin shared how difficult it is to leave one group of students and move on. She also shares the opportunities she had to make an impact on their lives and how difficult it will be to move on to newer opportunities. Some of the challenges faced in a previous blog post by Erin also talk about how losing a loved one abroad and how to make the best of life and what is currently going on. In this article focused on Erin’s Thai Travels and some of the things that readers can learn about, there are many links and tips about what is going on and what can be learned. To keep updated with everything going on with Erin’s Thai Travels, visit her Instagram:

In the coming blog entries, we will continue to follow and share all of the news coming out of Erin’s Thai Travels. Please follow her on Instagram, and also add her website to your favorites tab.

For more information about Erin’s Thai Travels, visit:

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