It is January 2016, a lot of us are probably sitting around at the moment anticipating the beginning of the 2016 operating season of many theme parks. My cousin Erin Ormsby is currently challenging herself in Thailand instructing students how to speak English. Thailand is a fun and challenging environment and has many differences that the United States does not have. In our previous article, we got a chance to meet Erin and learn about some of the beginning challenges she has accepted to take on.

Erin just recently celebrated her 22nd birthday, and it was a fun-filled celebration by both her friends and students. The lifestyle in Thailand can require adjusting although can come with many rewards. “I have ample planning time during the day, which is an excellent change of pace from America because I rarely bring work home with me at the end of the day.” she explains. “I’ve found that since I took this additional job, I’ve been much more tired, but I really really enjoy it.”

I personally had an opportunity to chat with Erin on Facebook chat from Thailand and she had so much to share. “I just went to chiang mai last weekend and had some really awesome adventures. I went cliff jumping, ziplining, and to elephant rescue parks.” she said. In our first installment of Erin’s Thailand adventures, we mentioned that she is very involved in the rescue of animals. The passion that Erin has for others and for the creatures that vacate our planet, Thailand has become a true inspiration for her. The opportunities that are present can be taken care of, and the future looks bright for both Thailand and Erin.

Erin’s latest blog entry: click here

Photos of Erin’s recent adventures:

Courtesy: Erin Ormsby
Courtesy: Erin Ormsby
Courtesy: Erin Ormsby

Elephants at Ran-Tang save & rescue elephant centre

Information about Ran-Tang save & rescue elephant centre: click here

Courtesy: Erin Ormsby

Courtesy: Erin Ormsby

Skyline Adventures zip lines are a thrill

Information about Skyline Adventures: click here

Courtesy: Erin Ormsby

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About Erin Ormsby:

Hello! My name is Erin, and welcome to my blog. Like many other 21 year olds, I’m still trying to figure out who I am, what I believe, and what my purpose in life is. So far, my real passions in life are traveling and teaching. From October to March, I’ll be chasing both of these passions as I embark on my newest journey to teach English in Thailand. I hope this experience will leave me with valuable memories and lessons, help me to grow and establish myself as an educator and a person, fully immerse myself in a new culture, and help others along the way. My first mission of helping others is to fundraise for Rescue Paws. I love animals, and this organization does AMAZING things for the overpopulation of strays in Thailand. Please learn more/donate if you can using the link below! Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures 🙂

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Logo courtesy of Erin Ormsby

Feature image courtesy of Erin Ormsby

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